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as low as 2.9M 
in a 175 sqm. lot

Please inquire for detailed quotation!

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Fernvale Living and Leisure Village is Palawan’s one-of-a-kind leisure community, with multiple facilities and options for its residents. It is a planned community with top-grade infrastructure, with fully underground utilities.
Fernvale will have three membership clubs for its residents.
1. The Fernvale Leisure Club, now open, has a big clubhouse and a vast multilevel swimming pool with fountains, bridges, waterfall, bubble bay, and little islands.
2. The Fernvale Sports Club will be built next, and will have tennis, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, and badminton courts, an indoor game room, a fitness center, and a cafe.
3. The Fernvale Boat Club, will be a full-service marina for residents’ private boats, with a clubhouse with a range of amenities and conveniences.

 In Fernvale, nature is preserved and enhanced. The river across the village will be preserved on a 2-kilometer linear park extending to the sea. There will be several parks with a total area of not less than 5 hectares.
Fernvale is ideally located in Coron. Fronting both sides of the National Highway, it is only 10 minutes from the urban center and 30 minutes from the airport, yet with a world apart in ambiance.
 28 20131209 FV Clubhouse Front Facade
The first phase is now 98% complete and already has residents. Phases 2 and 3 phases are in progress, while Phases 4 and 5 are in planning.

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Fernvale Living and Leisure Village is a residential resort village where you will enjoy the amenities of a first class resort and the safety and security of a gated community. It is a planned community with top-grade infrastructure, including full underground electricity and other utilities.

Fernvale has many leisure options for the pleasure of the residents. Fernvale Leisure Club, with its big clubhouse and vast multi-level and multi-feature swimming pool, is now done. The FernvaleSports Club with is many ports facilities will now be built. Phase 2 will include the Fernvale Boat Club with its own clubhouse and marina on the sea.

In Fernvale nature reins supreme. The river all the way to the sea will be preserved, and its riverbank maintained as a linear park. The adjacent mangrove forest will be preserved. Several areas in the project are allotted for parks and community amenities.
Fernvale is now developing into a community. Several buyers have already built or started building their homes or vacation villas. All of them except 1 selected us as their builder. There is now a large number expats, Metro Manilans, and Coronians who bought a lot. It is now growing into a multinational village, with 9 countries already represented.

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Fernvale is at the most upscale location in Coron. It is fronting the National Highway. It is 10 minutes from the urban center, but not affected by congestion. It is also 30 minutes from the airport, 15 minutes from the seaport, and 10 minutes from the boat station.
The project is now now 90% complete and ready for living in. Road concreting will be completed this summer. Underground utilities are targeted for completion within 2014.
Every lot already has a separate title. You have the option to purchase your lot through our inhouse financing or through the bank or PAGIBIG. You also have the option to buy lot only or a house and lot package.

Fernvale is located in the most upscale part of Coron, along the National Highway, a short hop away from the key places there: 

 10 minutes from the city center 
 30 minutes from the airport 
 15 minutes from the port 
 10 minutes from the boat station (for island hopping and cruises) 

Why is Coron the location of this project? 

Because Palawan is the most beautiful part of the Philippines and the favored destination for travelers from all over the world. Palawan’s islands have been declared several times already as among the most beautiful islands in the world, and Coron by a large measure is the crown jewel of this paradise. Coron is now a rising global tourist destination. 

Its economy is doing very, and land values are expected to appreciate rapidly for the next 10 to 20 years. This is the right time to buy, when prices are still affordable. Coron is now well-connected to the rest of the world. It has its own airport, served by 3 airlines, with 6 to 12 flights daily depending on the season. 

This airport is programmed for expansion, and will be upgraded to an international airport in the future. Coron is now a port of call for international cruise ships and yachts. Coron is the ideal location for your vacation home. Unlike other vacation spots in the Philippines, Coron has many diverse attractions. 

From under the sea to the top of its mountains. Whether for just chilling out or for that adrenaline rush. The area has 400 islands and islets, each one offering a unique attraction. Name your thrill and Coron has something for you. 


Fernvale is very safe from flooding. 

 It is safe from storm surge. Its average elevation is 6 meters above sea level. Its lowest point is 3 meters above sea level. 
 It is safe from river flooding. The river has been deepened so that even during heavy rains the water level is several meters below the adjacent lots. 
 Most important of all, Fernvale has a very robust underground drainage system that is designed for the heaviest rains that may occur in a hundred years. 

Coron is outside the seismic belt as declared by PhilVolcs. There are no faultlines in Coron. There is no risk of volcanic eruption or lahar in Fernvale. Coron is far away from any volcano. 

There is no risk of subsidence in Fernvale 
 There is complete riverbank protection along the river to prevent erosion or overflow. 
 The nearby mountains are very stable. There is no history of landslide in Coron. 
 The soil and bedrock underneath Fernvale is very strong and stable. 
 The Bureau of Mines and Geosciences of the DENR has inspected the project site and certified that there is no geologic risk in Fernvale. 

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House Models

You have option to buy lots only or house and lot package.
We have different house designs like bungalow, modern and premier.
The architectural theme is Modern Asian. This theme is broad enough for architects to be creative with their design. Green Architecture is encouraged as an integral part of the theme.
House size varies from 42.3 sqm. up to 301.5 sqm.

(lot is not yet included, lot size varies from 175 – up):
  1. GENOA  – 42.3 sqm. 2 bedroom /2 toilet and bath  – P 1,464,540.00
  2. SORRENTO – 43.8 sqm. 2 bedroom /1 toilet and bath – P 1,468,694.04
  3. TREVISO – 53.00 sqm. 2 bedroom/1 toilet and bath – P 1,689,350.52
  4. BELLAGIO – 61.5 sqm. 3 bedroom/1 toilet and bath – P 1,815,660.00
  5. PALERMO – 51.8 sqm. 2 bedroom/1 toilet and bath – P 1,895,431.56
  6. CAPRI – 55.5 sqm. 2 bedroom/2 toilet and bath – P 1,979,680.56
  7. AMALFI – 70.8 sqm. 3 bedroom/ 2 toilet and bath – P 2,331,303.48
  8. VERONA – 85.3 sqm. 2 bedroom/1 toilet and bath – P 2,508,072.60
  9. VITERBO – 100.8 sqm. 3 bedroom/2 toilet and bath – 2,686,200.00

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Pricing and Payment Terms

Size of lot varies from 175 square meters – up
House & Lot package
Commercial Space
Different Payment terms available.
Balance can be paid thru inhouse or bank financing.
Please fill up the forms below for quotation, lot availability, payment terms and other details.
You can also request for payment terms of lot price with combination of your selected house design.

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For more details, computation & availability, please fill up this form: